Prayer Question?


Can we pray when we dont even look like we’re praying?

Example:This guy is washing his shoes and when he washes his shoes,He says the Rosary in his heart.

Can we do something like this?Or do we have to have some personal time alone with the Lord without distractions?

God bless you today and during this Lenten season.


It’s ideal to pray both ways.

It’s a wonderful thing to convert your work into prayer by offering it for a specific intention and then doing it as well as possible to offer it to God. By doing this, it is possible to “pray always,” as we are told to do, without disrupting our normal duties.

But it is very important to set aside some time each day for private conversation with God, even if it’s just a few minutes to start.


  1. You can start your day by saying the Morning Offering. Then, your whole day - every action - whether you’re praying or not - every action becomes an offering of prayer to Our Lord.

  2. You can always say quiet prayers to yourself. A decade of the rosary, while on a bus or train - you don’t need the beads, just count a decade on ten fingers. It’s what comes from the heart.

  3. You can say just about any prayer quietly, mentally, or aloud during the day - so long as that doesn’t interfere with actions at the moment.

In my humble opinion, God expects us to put Him first always but to be prudent in so doing…In other words, you wouldn’t want to be driving a bus - and interrupt that action while behind the wheel to grab your Rosary beads. God waits for us to pray - but sometimes, there’s a time and place. But I don’t see anything wrong with a few Ave’s while tieing a shoe…two very constructive actions simultaneously…who says you can’t do two things at once! :slight_smile:


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