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I have a question about a situtaion a friend and I have been praying for, a good friend of mine left his wife over a year ago and filed for a divorce. His ex wife cheated on him constantly, was very verbally abusive, and would constantly put down on his catholic religion and beliefs. A few months ago, he broke things off with his girlfriend for no apparent reason, but we are sure it had to do with the guilt trip the ex wife puts on him, about their child. Here recently he has began hanging out with his ex wife, acting in ways and doing things that he has never done. The ex wife has made it very clear that she did not want him, but forbids to see someone else with him.

My question: Is it wrong to pray that he sees her evil and seperates himself from her except for their child?

I asked a prayer group on facebook to pray this with us, and they came back being rude that it is only right for them to work things out because that is still his wife and God does not believe in divorce. But I feel that God does not want us to be manipulated and hurt constantly either. Please help!!!

Whenever a marriage has problems unfortuantely people these days rush to the divorce courts. The Church encourages us to resolve our marriage problems and to remain faithful to the vows made before God to be married for life.

If a marriage breaks down in the way this one has and any hope of reconciliation is one-sided there seems little prospect of the marriage being saved. It can also serve as an example of the problems some mixed marriages may encounter. It might be better for this gentleman’s general welfare and spiritual wellbeing to be separated from this woman.

Perhaps the best prayers that can be offered for this situation is to pray that the husband has the strength to move on with his life; that even if this couple can no longer live together that they can be peaceful towards each other, at least, for the sake of the child; and, that the child is not harmed emotionally and psychologically by the parents’ split.

Better just to pray that God’s will be done. Even Jesus prayed this in the garden before His Passion. What we think or hope for in any given situation may not be what is best, but God always knows best.

Remeber to pray for the woman as well. Pray for all involved. No need to pick sides, but remember that God is on everyone’s side.


You could even just pray the rosary (or any prayer[s]), offering them for the two people. No conditions or concrete petitions, just for the two of them. Trust that God will know what to do.

Lovely Lady dressed in blue -------
Teach me how to pray!
God was just your little boy,
Tell me what to say!

Did you lift Him up, sometimes,
Gently on your knee?
Did you sing to Him the way
Mother does to me?

Did you hold His hand at night?
Did you ever try
Telling stories of the world?
O! And did He cry?

Do you really think He cares
If I tell Him things -------
Little things that happen? And
Do the Angels’ wings

Make a noise? And can He hear
Me if I speak low?
Does He understand me now?
Tell me -------for you know.

Lovely Lady dressed in blue -------
Teach me how to pray!
God was just your little boy,
And you know the way.
~Mary Dixon Thayer

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