Prayer Recommendations for dating


Hi there, I am wondering if any of you can recommend any prayers to help with finding the right person to be in a relationship. I know about the St. Raphael one as well as the one that is on the Laudate app but I am wondering if there is more out there.


Perhaps the best one I can think of is your own when you receive Jesus in holy Communion .


Novena to St. Anne.

I’ll move this to Spirituality; perhaps others will have additional suggestions.


St. Joseph Novena. It helped get my parents together.


I ask Saints to help me find my future wife, these are the specific saints I ask for help:

St. Joseph
St. Ann
St. Valentine
St. Raphael
St. Gabriel
Pope St. John Paul II
Pope St Paul VI


Thanks for the list.


Just tell your Catholic mother that you met someone (not even that you’re interested in someone), and you’ll get a whole litany going on for you back in your hometown…


Pray the prayers of the Rosary with your intentions for finding a suitable dating partner. :pray::pray::pray:


@YourNameHere I’ve been doing exactly that as well.

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