Prayer Request about Benedictine Oblacy


I will be making an oblate retreat this weekend to start the formation process to become a Benedictine Oblate. I have absolutely no doubt that this is the path that God wants me to follow. However, the oblate director thinks that I should probably start as a novice rather than an inquirer, since she feels that I already live an oblate lifestyle. Now this is fine with me, I’d love it. She has asked me to pray about it and has said she will pray about it too. I ask you to pray with us. I want to amke absolutely sure that this is God’s Will. I want nothing more than to serve Him in my life and do His Will. Thanks.


Thats wonderful, Bonnie :slight_smile: I am an oblate attached to St. Peter’s Abbey in Saskatchewan Canada


We will be praying for you at our annual Oblate Retreat at the brand new Monastery of the Good Shepherd in Rio Grande city (El Sauz) Texas this weekend. We will receive two new candidates, one is one of my catechists whose faith has been a real witness to me and others, the other is a holy man of our diocese who works with migrantes and others in the social service office. Please pray for all oblates and the Sisters.


Dunmoose and Puzzleannie, thanks. I will be praying for your group, Puzzle, and will ask everyone at the retreat do so also. I am looking forward to being in touch with other Benedictine oblates and communities. We are fortunate here in Cullman, AL, to have 2 Benedictine Monasteries, Sacred Heart (women) and St. Bernard’s (men) I will be affiliating with Sacred Heart. Our parish priests are Benedictines. This is a very holy area, what with the Ave Maria Grotto, the 2 monasteries with their retreat centers, and nearby Mother Angelica’s Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament.


Bless your heart—prayers for you.


I will join in on your discernment prayers, and prayers for all who are in this process. God bless you.:signofcross:


That’s wonderful Bonnie! I’m praying for you now!


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