Prayer Request - Aggressive Cancer

Please keep my friend Kristen in your prayers. She was diagnosed with a rare and agressive form of cancer this week. She is currently undergoing treatment but I ask that you pray not only for her health but for her strength and faith at this time.

Hi Jewels. I’ll be praying for Kirsten. :gopray:

Jewels, our prayers are a given. Wow, since I was gifted as a Prayer Warrior, there are so many people I want to add. My list floweth over! And it’s wonderful. Ask and you shall receive. And I include you in my modest litany. Kristen’s challenges will be lifted up to Christ through my prayers. :angel1:




Prayers, especially to St Peregrine, patron of cancer sufferers.

prayers said

I am praying aswell.

Praying here…:crossrc:

Prayers for Kristen and her whole family that they will have the strength to take this journey of faith and healing. May God’s love and compassion see them through this and give them peace and comfort on the journey. Amen.

I will pray for Kristen.

Iam glad to do that for you. Saint Peregrine, patron saint against cancer, i humbly ask you to please intercede on my behalf that this person can cope with their illness. i ask you to please intercede to the heavenly Father for me. Saint Peregrine, pray for us.

Thank you Father for hearing our prayers for this person in their time of need. I ask this through Your most beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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