Prayer request: an online acquaintance's faith and health


Please pray for an online acquaintance’s strength in faith and health, both physical and mental. He seems to be in a low and his Catholic faith is suffering doubt because of it.


In the month of May, may the Blessed Virgin give to her lost child what he needs the most.




In prayer.




“Lord increase our faith!
With all our hearts may we always follow you.
Teach us to pray…always, always.”


Precious Paraclete,
Please give this man the strength of faith and the fortitude needed to get through his hardships. Particularly watch over in his time of need and reveal Your presence with him. Make him realize his place in Your Love.

:gopray: Holy Spirit, breathe on us, rain down Your Love.
:gopray: Holy Spirit, reign in us, reign in Your Love.

Holy Spirit help us to help others and give us the knowledge to know what to say to bring others to fullness in You.

:signofcross: Amen.




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