Prayer Request: Birth of our Second Child


My wife is scheduled to deliver our second child tomorrow by cesarean section. It’s a major surgery, so all of your prayers are greatly welcomed. The delivery is scheduled for 8 AM Central (US), which is 9 AM Eastern and 6 AM Pacific on August 26.

Thank you so very much!!! I will pray that God will send his angels to bless you a hundredfold in return, and that you and your families will be blesses with God’s love and wisdom.

By the way, my wife’s name is Ellen and we live in Austin, TX. We are blessed to be delivering at Seton Medical Center, which is a Catholic hospital.


Congratulations on the new baby! New babies are so exciting! :slight_smile: I will pray for a safe delivery for your family.

Well today was the BIG day! Hopefully, you have a brand new little one and there are smiles and happiness all around. God Bless you and your wife on the new birth!


:amen: …

Hope everything has gone well. How is the mother & baby doing? God Bless, Puppy

I just saw this prayer request, and just sent up a prayer to St. Gerard for a safe delivery for both mother and child.

Please update us when you can. God bless you and your family! :slight_smile:

Consider it done (I’m not sure about time differences so I hope I’m in time!)

My first son was born August 28, 1989 at Seton Medical in Austin, Texas! I wish you all the best.

I am so sorry I just found your thread today and hope and pray your wife’s delivery and confinement is blessed and a happy occassion. If it is that your child has already been delivered, then my congratulations (I suppose you will have little time to check in and read the messages if that is the case though :wink: ) God Bless you and much peace and love to you and your beautiful family xx

Dear Blessed Mother,
Please intercede for Ellen and Phillip’s intentions. May the Peace of Christ be with them, their families, friends, loved ones and all those whose lives they touch, Amen.

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