Prayer request for a dear friend


My best friend (since I was 12) and her husband are having serious financial trouble. He has been very short tempered and generally crabby lately. Last night he announced at 8:30 he was going to bed. She followed him into the bedroom to ask him what was wrong and he became angry and nasty to her. So she said, “Fine go to bed goodnight.” and walked out of the room. She gets to the kitchen and hears a loud bang. He had punched a hole in their bedroom door. He came out yelling at her about walking away from him when he was talking. She basically said “we’re not doing this, we’re not going to act this way.”

Years back when they first got married, he had problems with anger and violence to point of being physically abusive. That received counseling and it hasn’t happened in years. She was over today and I could tell she was really stressed out. I talked to her tonight she told me he apologized but she still is nervous because she hasn’t seen that side of him in years. It worries me too. They were very young when they got married and have really overcome alot. He generally is a really good guy. I think the stress of the financial situation is pushing him over the edge.

Please keep them in your prayers.




You got it!




:gopray: May the Lord bring peace to their storm.


Thanks everyone!


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