Prayer request for a sick kitty


My girlfriend’s kitty, Annie, lost a lot of weight and started coughing up blood. It turns out the poor thing has a large tumor in her mouth. They took a biopsy today to see if it’s cancerous.

My girlfriend has had this kitty since she was nine-years-old and the cat is almost 18 now.

Need a prayer or two…



I will pray for the cat, of course. But as one who has adopted senior cats, I must say this. I will also pray that your girlfriend will have the compassion and courage to “let go and let God”, and not keep the cat alive in pain and/or suffering. This will be hard. Very hard. But when the cat is in constant pain and/or suffering, with no real end in sight, the time has come to show mercy. Been there, done that, cried my guts out. It’s OK to cry and grieve. I’ll pray for her then, also.


What a sweet looking kitty. I will say a prayer also.


I will as well.:gopray:


St Francis of Assisi, patron of all our furred, feathered and finned friends, intercede for this sick animal and its human :wink: :gopray2:


St Gertrude of Nivelles, patron saint of cats & those who love them, pray for this kitty, & for her person, that what is best for all may be done. Amen.




You are both in my prayers as well… I too love my ‘fur babies’ and usually have one or two for years and years and years…tell your girlfriend she has friends here praying that she accept God’s Will for herself and her little ‘charges’ and that her Guardian Angel will keep his arms firmly around her during this time.


I too have had to go through the pain of losing my cats and grieved for all of them, but especially for one who we had to put to sleep when he was only 3 years old. I will pray for this kitty’s recovery and hope for it, but if she has to be put to sleep I will pray for emotional/psychological/spiritual healing for her people.


I will also pray for your friend’s cat, and for her as well. I had a beautiful cat who sadly got kidney disease and thyroid problems and I had to have her put down. I cried so much and still miss her, after over a year.
I hope the outcome of the biopsy is good. 18 is rather old for a cat but I have heard of cats living into their 20s!

God bless,


Thanks for the prayers. The outcome wasn’t good. :frowning:

They did give her a steroid shot so right now she’s eating well, isn’t suffering, and is actually quite lively again, but we’ll have to start preparing for the end.


Sorry to hear the bad news. Keep her comfortable as long as your’e able to. If you have kids you’ll have to prepare them for the bad news. All of us have to face the prospect of losing someone we love and cherish, people and aminals eventually must die. It is so hard to let go but think of the joy your kitty gave you all these years and the love and a good home you gave her. You will still have your memories to cherish. I will pray for you in your grief and for her so she does not suffer.


I’m sorry about the bad news. I will pray for your girlfriend, you and the kitty. Losing a cherished friend is so hard, yet all of us must lose someone we love to death. I pray the cat will not suffer much and that your grief will be turned to fond memories of the love and happiness she gave you.


I’m sorry to hear that. I will pray for you all. love linny


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