Prayer Request for my employees


Things in our businesses are just in a uproar.

I don’t know who or what, but, everyone is just acting childish. I’ve talked to everyone, being positive, being the rock, but it’s starting to really bring me down.

We need Divine intervention (well, of course I’ve been praying for weeks), but Prayer Warriors, please, please help.

God’s peace…:signofcross: I just want to feel God’s peace in our businesses!


Lord of the Powers be with us, for in times of distress we have no other help but You.
Lord of the Powers, have mercy on us.


Will offer this one up at my next rosary:D


Will keep your business ventures in prayer and that things will stabilize for you…


I said a prayer for you. I do hope everything - or rather everyone -starts coming around. May God bless you!


My husband had his own business for a while, and I know how it can be.Will be praying for you my friend.:slight_smile:


Praying. :gopray:


Thank you all so much. I can not express how great it feels to have people praying for this situation. It’s just so hard, and I’ve been praying for weeks about it.

All will be fine, I know, but I just hope my DH and get through it all as well. He’s under a lot of stress.


Prayers for your work situation, that can be so stressfull!:gopray2:


Praying for these intentions…


Praying. It looks to me like your employees are fortunate to have and employer who cares like you do.





:signofcross: Continuing to pray…


As an employer I understand the problem. You are the parent and they are your children. People that haven’t been in your situation have a hard time understanding. May God grant you the strength you need to be firm and loving at the same time. May God take over your place of business and heal the problems.



Please Dear Lord of love, please send the Holy Spirit to bring peace into this work place. Please also, bless my friend DJgang, Amen:signofcross:



Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me, a sinner and on the request of my friend.



I will pray too. Unrest in the workplace is stressful.


Lord Jesus,

In our businesses there are also those enemies that would come against us. Those principalties and powers that we must fight against, so I ask that you would bring clarity to the employees of this business to focus on success and glory for You. I ask that you would move each of these folks to work on serving you through their work. Moreover help her husband to be open and not proud in identifying problems, especially ones that bring great difficulty in addressing. May he be strengthened along with his wife in this the journey you have them on. May all there fix their eyes on you whether they know you or not.


God bless you all for praying. :grouphug:


prayers are with you!!:signofcross:

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