Prayer request for safe delivery


My wife is being induced tomorrow (Sat.), and your prayers would be appreciated. This is our first, and we really don’t know what to expect.

She is a strong believer in the Catholic teaching on the value of suffering, so she is hoping to avoid the epidural . . .but she readily admits this is easy to say when you don’t know what to expect, and she might end up recieving one.

As an aside, I think we should have a prayer requests forum . . .I wonder if this has already been suggested.


Prayers for a safe delivery, a healthy babe, and little pain for mom.

PS- Make sure she sees the lactation consultant at the hospital :thumbsup:


I will pray for a safe delivery:thumbsup: God Bless!


My prayers are with your family! :slight_smile:


May God Bless You, Your Wife and Baby. I pray that she suffers little so that she can enjoy the miracle of giving birth.


Thank you all for your prayers. After two days (1 1/2 actually) of labor, Margaret Mary was born by c-section on Sunday afternoon. She was born 7 lbs. 3 oz., 20 1/2" long. We just came home from the hospital this evening (Wednesday).

The recovery has been interesting to say the least, but she will get through it.

Thanks again for your prayers.


God bless little Margaret Mary, and her adoring new parents!


One of the closest things to Heaven is a new born baby!
God Bless your beautiful new family. I will pray for a speedy recovery for Mama and Patience and Compassion for Daddy and Health and Love for your Precious Baby Girl! (And hopefully some peaceful sleepy-time for all off you)


Congratulations on you little Gift from God. My prayer are with you and epidural will take take edge of but will not completely eliminate it , so I hear. We took a rosary to pray during my labor, but it went so fast we weren’t able to do it. Good Luck and may God be with you :slight_smile:


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Dear Blessed Mother,

God Willing, please hear and intercede for the intentions of arso347 and family - especially Margaret Mary, her Mom and her Dad.

Here are three links for them and for anyone who reads this post.

24/7 online Daily Mass

24/7 online Rosary in real time with all the world. Intentions may be posted. Intentions of others from around the world are posted, too, for prayers.

As You know, this song is called “Breath of Heaven” sung by Amy Grant with that beautiful video. I hope to share it with arso347 and all others interested.

Before sleep, I’ll meet You in the following decades of the Luminous Mysteries. Please thank Saint Pope John Paul 2 for instituting these great mysteries about Your Son’s life.

The Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist
Jesus’ First Miracle at the Wedding of Cana (Thanks for encouraging Him, dear Mary.)
The Proclamation (Sermon on the Mount)
The Transfiguration (Jesus told Peter & James that what happens on the mountain, stays on the mountain … until further notice.)
The Institution of the Eucharist (Even after thousands of years, we can unite with Him in Body & Spirit anywhere around the world. Please thank Him again, for this awesome gift.)

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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