Prayer request for the Sick


I am writing to request prayers for two people. Both the director of the St. V of P, Rona, and the priest of that parish (Sacred Heart) Monsignor Kealy, are having health issues.

Since they are so helpful to others I thought it would be nice if we turned that around and prayed for them. They are consistantly helping the poor people in their area in which there is a great need.

They are struggling with illnesses and could use a ‘pay it forward’ from us. Thank you in advance everyone.

Heavenly Father,
I pray that you will send healing to these two charitable people. They are doing good works in your name and the world needs them to continue in this task. Please send Your lovingkindness to them with much abundance. I pray this in Jesus name.

Bless you all my friends,


May lord heal his servants of their illness and that they may be rid of what plauges them.

MAy he lift the memebers of your congregation to support and pray for for their needed intentions. May the Christs mother also interecede om these two souls lives and intereced the gifts of the holy spirit upon them.

Hail Mary Full og grace the lord is with thtee blessed are thou among women and blessed si the fruit of thy womb Jesus Holy Mary Mother of God Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death amen.


Dear Lord, Please use your Love and Wisdom to help Rona and Monsignor Keally. They are such a blessing on Earth. Please Bless Them. Amen


Father, please grant these prayers in the name of Jesus whom these people serve so deeply.
I will remember them at this morning’s Mass.


Praying for Monsignor Kealy, and for Rona…:byzsoc:


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