Prayer request for young family taking their first steps to conversion


Hey everyone,

Happy Sunday, Happy Sabbath. Hope your day is blessed!

If you have a moment to spare in your prayers today could you add one for friends of ours, with three small children, that they find the peace and love that only the Holy Spirit can bring when they attend an Orthodox Mass today?

As long as I have known them they have been protestant, but have long held a non-belief in Sola Scriptura, and have professed their interest in the Orthodox side of our religion. They were going to wait until their children were older to pursue their conversion into Orthodoxy, but recent (and sad) moves by their current protestant church has inspired them to seek the faith right now.

So as I was saying a prayer for them in my preparation to attend Mass: I thought “why not ask all my fellow CA Catholics to add in theirs?” I do hope they feel the peace, the love, the fellowship, and the embrace of the Holy Spirit when they attend Mass today. They are a faithful family, a great influence and inspiration. May God make them feel welcome in His home.


PS. She does sometimes come here and read our posts, so maybe a few of our Orthodox brothers and sisters can offer insight and help into the Faith Formation and conversion to Orthodoxy? I suspect it’s a little like RCIA, but am not sure. If you could offer up a post and a name to be PM’d at I am sure they would heartfully appreciate it.

God Bless!

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