Prayer request forum


How about a forum for prayer requests?


Please see this thread:


I agree that there should be a more prominent forum for prayer requests. People have needs and this is one way that many Catholics could help. Many people don’t know where to turn & sometimes problems are private. I just left a request under the spirituality forumn and it took me a while to figure out where to leave it. I figured that faithful Catholics check the website and there probably would be a prayer request area. If there was a prayer forum, people would know to check it periodically and help others by praying for their needs.



Oh, how my heart would spend itself, to bless;
It hath such need to prove its tenderness!
And yet what heart can my heart comprehend?
What heart shall always love me without end?
All - all in vain for such return seek I;
Jesus alone my soul can satisfy.
Naught else contents or charms me here below;
Created things no lasting joy bestow... +

(St. Therese of Lisieux)


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