Prayer request from Br. JR

I kindly ask for your prayers. I’m not moving as I was before. It has been more and more difficult since last Easter. My outside activities are very few these days, only a few hours per week. I was on the go for up to 16 hours a day. I can no longer do that. My health is not good and I’m old. It’s not easy to let go. One feels that he is not doing enough for God and men.

I ask that you pray that God will give me the grace to give what he takes and accept what he gives. I need to grace to surrender to the will of God.

I posted this request in prayer intentions, but most of my friends hang out here. :yup:

Thank You

I will be sure to include you in my prayers. You have been most beneficial to these forums.

May God give you strength and grace to sustain you until He decides to call you home. And may our Blessed Mother watch over you and intercede for you with Her Son Our Lord.

You are always in my prayers and remembered when I attend Holy Mass.

You will definitely be in my prayers, Br. JR. :slight_smile:

I noticed you hadn’t posted much the past few days or so. I will keep you in my prayers.

Praying for you now, as always, fratello.

Prayers ascending, Brother JR. You have been such a blessing to us.

Sorry to hear of your struggles, you’re a blessing and a great help to all of us here. I’ll be praying for you .

Will be praying for you.

I have learned so much from your posts, for which I am grateful. Praying.

Prayers for you brother and thanks for your ministry.

We always tend to think the people we love are invincible. I lift you many times in prayer and will continue to do so. Pray for us, too, Brother - it is not easy for us to let go and accept that you may not be able to minister among us as often as we might wish. May God’s will be done. I’m sincerely grateful for all you have imparted to us here.

Prayers for you!

I am in the same boat in that my age has slowed me down. I have changed some of the ways that I serve others.

St. Therese is an example in that she reminds me that any small act done in the peace of the Lord and with love for Him is what counts.

Praying for you Brother. I will stop into the Adoration Chapel and light a candle for you tomorrow morning.

You will continue to be in my prayers Brother. I pray that God takes care of you and gives you the graces to continue on your path. Take care my friend in Christ, always.

Lord, please grant many graces to JReducation for fortitude and joy. Touch him with your divine hand, that he might be healed of all maladies and weaknesses, spiritual and physical. Send angels to minister to this cause. Our Lady, pray with us. Amen.

Abandonment to Divine Providence
Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade

The order established by God and His divine will are the life of the soul no matter in what way they work, or are obeyed. Whatever connection the divine will has with the mind, it nourishes the soul, and continually enlarges it by giving it what is best for it at every moment. It is neither one thing nor another which produces these happy effects, but what God has willed for each moment. What was best for the moment that has passed is so no longer because it is no longer the will of God which, becoming apparent through other circumstances brings to light the duty of the present moment. It is this duty under whatever guise it presents itself which is precisely that which is the most sanctifying for the soul.
If, by the divine will, it is a present duty to read, then reading will produce the destined effect in the soul. If it is the divine will that reading be relinquished for contemplation, then this will perform the work of God in the soul and reading would become useless and prejudicial. Should the divine will withdraw the soul from contemplation for the hearing of confessions, etc., and that even for some considerable time, this duty becomes the means of uniting the soul with Jesus Christ and all the sweetness of contemplation would only serve to destroy this union.
Our moments are made fruitful by our fulfillment of the will of God. This is presented to us in countless different ways by the present duty which forms, increases, and consummates in us the new man until we attain the plenitude destined for us by the divine wisdom. This mysterious attainment of the age of Jesus Christ in our souls is the end ordained by God and the fruit of His grace and of His divine goodness.

Thy will be done!


Glad to pray for you Bro

My prayers for you too, Br JR.

I will remember you, dear brother at Mass this month, asking God to grant you the grace to endure all trials and peace of heart.

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