Prayer request: Seeking an enriching Catholic church


I believe that the Catholic church has the truth. I have explored many faiths and denominations, only to return to the One True Church.

I would like to have more fulfilling, mystical experiences at church. I want to start attending either an Eastern Rite Catholic church or approved Latin mass. There are several options near me. Only problem, my husband and I aren’t motivated enough to change our schedules so that we can go to one of these services. (We like to sleep in on Sundays, which means we go to evening mass! )

We would like to become involved in a church, spiritually and socially.

Please pray that we change our schedules and start attending a more fulfilling service, and become members of a parish that suits our needs.


you are free to attend Mass at any parish that has validly ordained clergy and sacraments, but not to seek out “more fulfilling mystical experiences.” We would all like to have those, but it is God, not us, who determines when, where and to whom these will happen. Subjective experience or feeling or emotion or sentiment is not a good guide to spiritual health and growth in any case. St. Teresa, the mystic’s mystic, would be the first one to say distrust such experiences until they are discerned and above all do not spend your efforts in trying to manipulate them.


My dear friend

I assume you are not saying you want to be a mystic. You may have used the wrong term here.

The Maronites are great. i often go there as well as the Roman Rite. There are about 23 Eastern Rites and they’ve not been influenced by the crazy 60’s like us. The Latin Mass is great too. Try practising the heroic minute on sunday - get up straight away , but definitely within 60 seconds and get moving. But check the Eastern Rites because many have Mass at night I’m sure. I’ll pray for you.

God bless:thumbsup::slight_smile:


I did use the wrong word. I should have said “mystic”. Thank you for offering prayers! :slight_smile:


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