Prayer request/support. Engaged and hoping to wean off of anti-depressants


Hi all,
I am thankful to have the prayers and support of my loving fiance, family and friends but I have been so touched by the loving support on this site that I thought I would reach out on here as well.
I am not asking for medical advice, so I hope this doesn’t turn into that and get my post deleted! :eek:
I have struggled on and off with severe anxiety, which led to severe depression since I was 13 (almost 15 years ago). I finally had it diagnosed several years ago as Social Anxiety. I was put on anti-depressants at 14, which at the time I truly felt was a God-send and answer to prayer. I went from being completely hopeless and despairing of ever being “normal” again to being able to function as a normal teenager and have a mostly “normal” teenage life (if there is such a thing!). Over the years, my social anxiety has reared it’s ugly head now and again but prayer/cognitive behavioral therapy/change in meds has always enabled me to survive it and move on.
Now I am engaged :heart: to a :kissme: man and it is my prayer and hope that I can sucessfully wean of my medication and not run the risk of compromising the health of any future children I may have. I do not know God’s will. I know it is possible that this is a cross I will have for the rest of my life and that I may not be able to function well ever without medication. But I do also know all things are possible with God and so I put this intention before Him, that I be sucessful if it be His will and if not, that I am given strength to accept this and always be thankful for the many blessings that I do have.
Any prayers/words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated!
God Bless,


Are there antidepressants that work for you that do not have negative side effects on developing babies?

What are your thoughts about adopting instead of having your own children? You certainly have a just reason not to get pregnant. Is having biological children very important to you?


It is my understanding that the “just reasons” to avoid must be understood to be temporary at the time of the wedding, for it to be valid. It would be best if the OP checked with a priest on this.


And it’s important to discuss this with a doctor and get good medical advice re: medication and pregnancy, nursing, etc.

One thing that can help a lot is being in psychotherapy in addition to taking medication. Therapy can help w/cognitive/behavioral tools to manage anxiety, for example. Also, I think it’s important to know if you have post-traumatic stress disorder. That is also an anxiety disorder. Getting treated for that, if you have it, can help diminish symptoms also.

best of luck.


Also check with your physician, your cognitive therapist, and research antidepressants and pregnancy online; much research done on this–inconclusive depending on funding source.

You are in my prayers. God’s will be done.


Yes - discuss this with your physician.

I do know there have been many women who have been on certain brands/types of antidepressants and have been able to have healthy children… so it is possible - but the details of your situation and the types of medications may have an impact, so talk to your doctor.

Also, about weaning off medication - follow every ounce of your doctor’s advice, and then ask if you can take it even more slowly. Some doctor’s suggest a certain schedule of weaning, and from what I’ve heard, requesting an even SLOWER schedule (taking more time to slowly reduce the amount of medication you’re taking) has been helpful to others.

Again, just talk to your doctor - but these are things that have been helpful to others.

Congratulations on your engagement and may God bless you and your future husband! :slight_smile:


I agree with Emily’s advice about talking to your doctor and taking it slowly. I was on anti-depressents for over 8 years and tried to quit them without weaning and it was not pleasant. Later on I decided to talk to my doctor about getting off of them, and he set up a schedule for me for dose reduction. It took a long time, more than 6 months, but I was finally successful. Anti-depressants can be a life-saver for those who really need them, like I did, but getting off of them needs close monitoring.

However, the cause of depression and anxiety is different for each person, each person’s brain chemistry is unique, one’s brain chemistry can change over time, and only you and your doctor can make the decision. I have said a prayer for you, as I know how difficult a decision this is.


Thanks for your good questions flyingfish. I am pretty certain that every anti-depressant poses some risk to a developing baby, some more than others. I believe I am on a “lower risk” one. However I hate the idea of compromising a baby’s health in anyway at all. Also, I have been on them so long that I really do want to wean to see if perhaps I don’t need them anymore.

I do hope to have my own children too and know that with NFP there is always a chance that I could being pregnant even if I was trying to avoid, unless of course we abstained completely - not something I want to do. :slight_smile:


Thanks Emily! I am definitely going to wean off VERY S-L-O-W-L-Y, as I have heard of some awful withdrawl side-effects. Please keep me in your prayers!


It is great to know someone has done this successfully. Like any other struggle in life, I am trying to continually turn to God and the Blessed Mother for strength and guidance. Ironically, without having begun the process of weaning I have been very anxious the last week, and have come near to several panic attacks. So please keep the prayers coming.


I was on anti-depressant and percocets for pain for a couple of years after my accident. They were helping me cope with headaches and anxiety.
I was in LA a couple of years ago and met this wise women who had been thru re-hab for anti-depressant addiction. And she said to me…It’s OK to feel anxious, sad, happy, angry etc.etc. Those are normal feelings. You don’t need medication to get you thru these feelings thats life. Those words stuck with me. So I weaned myself off them on my own. It took me 2 months to do it and I’ve been drug free for 2 years now. Good luck and God Bless


I totally agree. I think part of overcoming anxiety and depression is gently allowing yourself to feel these things and not get all worked up about it. A lot of the time when I feel down and/or anxious it usually passes quickly but then the experience floods my mind and I have a hard time recovering. This is true especially of anxiety - I don’t know if you have ever experienced social anxiety but it can be very crippling, because it can quickly snowball into every area of your life. But I do have faith and I do believe with the help of God I can overcome this. It also runs in my family so another prayer is that my family is healed from this and it is not passed on to my children. I am very blessed to have a fiance who is so understanding. Ironically my social anxiety is never present with him, so I am truly thankful for that!
Thanks for your words of wisdom.


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