Prayer Request: That I have purity of mind


I hope this is the right forum - in any case, without revealing to many sins can some of you just pray that I may have purity of mind. I confess daily, but I can’t seem to stop my thoughts - many of which are particularly offensive to Our Lord, & Lady.

Thank you,



Will do. All sins start as thoughts, and it is in our best interest to try to keep the thoughts from popping up in the first place. I, too, struggle with impure thoughts. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. May God bless you and assist you, through Christ Our Lord, Amen. :gopray:


You go to sacramental confession daily? :confused:

You DO know the difference between uninvited and short-lived and dismissed, therefore unsinful, thoughts and thoughts that are actively and willingly dwelt on and encouraged (which ARE sinful)?

And that due to a lack of volition (we hardly ever have genuine control of our thoughts) almost no such thoughts are sinful?

Just do what you can, say a prayer if a sinful thought pops up and don’t worry so much!


Not only for that reason - I also confess venial sins that I have commited throughout the day. I mean - if the confessional is open why not use it?

Anyways, thank you,



You always confess to the same priest?

I mean not that it’s necessarily wrong, but in most people it could encourage either an overly scrupulous attitude - or else presumption (ie you know you confess every day so you’re less vigilant about avoiding sin).


I will commend special prayers for you.


Praying for you Catholig. :gopray:




Praying for you!

~~ the phoenix


Hi Catholig,

if you have impure thoughts with other people involved, try maybe not to dismiss the images that come to your mind immediately. The more you’ll try to forget them, the more likely it could be that they’ll crop up again and again. Instead, when you get those thoughts, start praying for all the people involved in those images and that they may come to know Jesus and his love… Don’t run away from the problem, but change it into a blessing…



I should say…Mother Theresa confessed every day…but that was for the graces that were inherent in Confession–not for scrupulosity. If you find a joy in said sacrament, make sure not to be too hard on yourself.

Like the post below was explaining…if you 1) willfully provoke it, or 2) willfully dwell on it, then it is a sin. If it simply appears it is raw material that you can decide what to do with.

I’ll pray for your peace of mind.

God bless


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