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After 9 months looking for a position I am about to give up. Prior I worked for a single organization for 29 years until reorganization.
I have lost faith in myself, although I pray and attend mass and communion a couple of times a week nothing has happened. I really am not one for giving up but of late when something seems positive it always ends in a negative way. I have always been known by my persistence but that has begun to fade. Is God trying to tell me something and why can’t I understand what that might be? On the other hand, is he testing my faith?
Please pray with me, thank you Patrick


‘The will of God will never take you where the
Grace of God will not protect you.’

He has a plan for you I’m sure. Prayers sent!


Lord, so many people seems to be losing jobs and finding it difficult to secure new jobs. And employers aren’t always looking first at those who have a few years on their motor. It’s the hard realities of this world, not anything personal. It’s not that any of these good people have lost value, but please help them not to lose heart even though these realities have stong personal impact.

Lord please point Patrick in the direction where a job is possible. Please help him to retain his courage and peace, and to keep up his Masses and prayers for the sake of others souls, to pray for this world and Your intentions for others’ lives, but never see it as a bargaining position as some of us can sometimes. Please do not allow him to slip into depression.

Patrick is a sincere person with a willingness to work and contribute. Please give him inspiration and means to do so.

St Patrick please intercede for him.

(St Patrick left little in the way of writings, but there are two extant writings that blow your mind away with their humility and goodwill.)


Patrick: While I am in the same boat, I am completely confident that we will both find careers that are both financially and emotionally fulfilling. The power of prayer has done wonders for me in just a few short days (about a week) Keep praying and BELIEVE that God and St. Joseph hears all of our prayers for you!

Hail Mary, full of grace
The Lord be with thee
Blessed are you amongst women
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus
Holy Mary, Mother of God
Pray for our sinners
Now and at the hour of our death




Your intentions will be in my prayers.***

Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us, and increase Your mercy in us, so that in difficult moments we might not despair, nor become despondent, but with great confidence, submit ourselves to Your Holy Will, which is Love and Mercy itself. Amen


From today’s Liturgy of the Hours:

Psalm 145 (146)

The blessedness of those who hope in the Lord

Praise the Lord, my soul. I will praise the Lord all my life, make music to my God as long as I exist.

Do not trust in princes to save you, they are only sons of men.
One day their breath will leave them, they will return to the ground; on that day perish all their plans.

Happy the one whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God,
who made heaven and earth and all that is in them,
who keeps faith for ever, who gives justice to the oppressed, who gives food to the hungry.

The Lord frees prisoners, he gives light to the blind, he raises the fallen.
The Lord loves the upright, cares for strangers, sustains orphans and widows; but the wicked he sends astray.

The Lord will reign for all ages, your God, O Sion, from generation to generation.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,
world without end.


Thank you for your kind words



thank you Patrick


Please don’t give up. My mother had a period of a good year and a half or so after she finished her studies where she couldn’t find work - but she did get a job and hasn’t looked back.

Prayers to St Joseph the Worker and Sts Jude and Rita (patrons of urgent cases) for you. And for myself too - I’m also in the process of job hunting.


Thank You I will keep you in my prayers


Praying very hard to St. Joseph for you to find a good job!


Thank you so very much !!!


Prayers promised


Praying for you


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