Prayer Request


Dear prayer warriors,

Please pray that the hurricane that is forecasted to hit Alabama and Louisiana this weekend changes course and that it goes out to sea. Pray that it doesn’t hurt anyone or cause any property damage.

In addition, please pray that Senator McCain chooses a wise and holy vice presidential running mate. Pray also that the militant secularists are defeated in this November’s elections and that pro-life politicians are elected.

Finally, pray that all of us in the U.S. convert soon and do a much better job of promoting a culture of life and a civilization of love according to true Roman Catholic teaching.

God bless,



Quick Note and Suggestion:

I am pro-life … That said, it’s not allowed to name presidential candidates in our posts on the CAF forum … A moderator may delete your prayer request if they see a candidate’s name in it … Please go back and edit your post to remove the candidate name, and replace it with a more general request that pro-life candidates win? (The part you have about defeating militant secularists is cool … )

Praying for your intention …



Praying for your intentions.


You got it Victor. Amen to all that you said.


Amen to your prayers, Victor. I thank God for inspiring these requests in your heart.




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