Prayer request


I am addicted to opiates. I have been stealing them from my father
who it is prescribed to. I am afraid.

Please ask God and to take pity and mercy upon me.

And please pray for my family.


I’ll pray for you…but I also advise you to please get help. There are many programs out there, reach out. Speak to your local priest if you do not know what to do, but please get help. The Lord your God will help you get better, take the second step, for asking for prayer here was your first one. God Bless You!!!


Lord Jesus, You said, “I have come to set the captives free.” We are captive and need Your healing touch. Free us, Lord, from our addictions, so that we will be: free from the cares and worries that stifle our happiness; free from sins that cling to us, and to which we cling; free from all compulsive behavior that prevents us from becoming what You, Lord, have planned for us. Bring us, loving Savior, to the experience of abundant life which You promised. Amen.


Heavenly Father,
We know you are Infinitely Merciful and you are impartial with how you dispense your grace! With this confidence, please express this Your Mercy in the life of Cloverguard and his father.

By the Most Precious Blood that was shed by Thy Divine Son Jesus in atonement for our sins, please wash your child of this addiction. Cloverguard is trying to fill the void that we all have inside and please satisfy that void with Your Love so that they may no longer need anything but You!

Help Your child recognize that they are breaking the Commandment to not steal and that it is imperative to go to confession with this sin. May You help them curb the addiction by recognizing they hinder their relationship with you, not ingesting the pills, but by stealing the pills.

Please fill the hearts of this family with Your Holy Spirit and give Cloverguard the power to overcome this addiction. Console them all with Your Love to see that complete satisfaction can be had in You alone.

Mother Mary, conceived with out original sin and sorrowed most over the passion of our Lord, please pray for us!

Saint Joseph, her most chaste spouse, please pray for us!

Saint Nicholas and All Angels and all Saints, please pray for us!

Amen! Amen!


Lord Jesus I ask that you come upon your child and give them the strength to over come their addiction. We can do all through you who gives us strength.

This man is obvioulsy a man of faith, and this is why he is here I ask all of this in you sons name.

Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and foregive us our tresspasses as we foregive those who tresspass against us and lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil. amen


Praying for you & your family.


I ask the Holy Spirit to guide and lead you to honesty and healing; and to grant healing to your Dad.


I will be praying for you to seek professional help.

Our Father…



Jesus,I hunger to know your love.Please feed me today.Touch me with your life and love,and draw me to yourself.Amen.

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