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This is my first post, and it is an urgent one. We need the prayers of the faithful for the Diocese of Dallas. More specifically, we need prayers for the parrish of St. Mark’s and ex-priest, John Stack. He was a Jesuit who has recently withdrawn from the Society of Jesus. He intends to be married and is on the outside of the Church, looking in, on many issues (including priestly celibacy). Anyway, he had signed an agreement with the Jesuits that he would not celebrate the mass as a priest from thereon. However, several of the St. Mark’s parrishoners urged him to do so anyway (it is estimated to be as many as 150-200 in the Dallas Morning News). Point is: He has been celebrating the mass illicitly for several months now, and our bishop has put out a memoranum on the subject. If you would just pray for us and this situation, it would be greatly appreciated. Pray for all of the people involved, but especially for those that are being misled. Finally, pray for Fr. Stack. I love this guy, and because of this I fear for him. I appreciate your prayers in advance. God bless.

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What was he thinking? I’m really surprised a Jesuit would have done this. This illustrates something I’ve always said. When you hire from the human race, mistakes will be made. Not only Mr. Stack’s but those who encouraged him. This is unfortunate, but not the crime of century. I’ll pray for him, but it is a full time job for me to try and keep my own soul from the fires of hell. I am no one to judge. I am a sinner. I believe we all fall short. Good luck and god bless.

Reconcile with God your Father Often!

Yours in Christ

Jimmy B


You have our prayers/ I know the devil tempts those who are the closest to Jesus, like priests. But I have to tell you God is in charge. We will pray for his conversion and for those who are being misled.
Keep up your efforts, they will not go in vain.


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