Prayer Request


Dear prayer warriors,

Tomorrow, May 13th is the feast of Our Lady Of Fatima. If possible, please pray an extra Rosary for the Church-approved mesages to be obeyed by all Catholics. Pray that Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will triumph as soon as possible. Pray that the U.S. and the world will convert very soon.




I will pray a rosary that people in the world pray, do penance and convert (which is what Mary asked for in her apparitions, right?)…and for the reign of the Immaculate Heart in all men’s hearts. Peace!


That’s what Our Lady requested. Hopefully the reign of Her Immaculate Heart will come soon…We need it!


Thank you for sharing this, Victor–I will be praying an extra Rosary!


I hope lots of people will pray Rosaries tomorrow and even fast. With all that’s happening in our Church and the world, we definitely need Our Lady’s intervention.

God bless you,



Her intervention is remarkable…I am glad you told us of this. Thanks, again. *


Thank you Victor. Yes…


Thanks, Victor.


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