Prayer Request


If you were drownding in the ocian could you save yourself by changing your attitude ? Could you save your self by jumping out ? Of course not. And changing my attitude dose not change the reallity of my circumstances. I need someone to reach out to me and deliver me from my loneliness, depresseon, paranoid fears of false accusation, social rejection and isolation.

I have tried motivational tapes, Bible studies, Singles groups, Internet dating sites, professional activity groups, Singles bars and night clubs, and I even started drinking just so I could join a recovery group in hopes that some one would reach out to me.

Each time I join a new group with hopes that mabee this time it will be different . As I get in my truck and drive to a new church activity. I thank GOD for all the worldly junk that I have been blessed with. I thank GOD that I live in America, for all the blessings that I take for granted. I thank GOD for the job, the checking account, the savings account. I thank GOD the House is paid off, that the car and truck are paid off and they will last another 10 years with out any problems.

And then I ask GOD for a girl friend. God, Can you please bring someone into my life who will make a difference. GOD , can you please make someone reach out to me. GOD, I need someone who will let me hold her hand, put my arm around and hold close to me. Someone who will let me hug them for more than 3 to 5 seconds without calling me a pervert or a sex maniac. I want someone who will call me and encourage me when I had a bad day. I want someone I can go places and do things with , and know they are not just using me because I have money .

I want to know what LOVE IS. I want someone to show me.

I am so tired of going out of my way to make a difference in peoples lives. I give, and I give, and I give. They take, and they take, and they take. And then they forget about me. No one calls, No one comes over, No one sais “Hay , we missed you . What happened” Hay, Whaat about me ?

But when I get to church, Bible study, Singles group, or some new Singles Bar. I walk in and I see people, they are all a part of the crowd and it’s like I’ve been brain washed and there is this invisible wall between me and everyone else. I want to talk to them, but my mind goes blank and the Holy Spirit never tells me what to say so usually I wind up saying something stupid or embarrassing . Eventually I leave wondering “Why did I even bother coming” So I go home, get drunk, and fall asleep . I just don’t get it. After 18 years of punnishment, I am afraid of women and I have no God given idea how to get a girl friend.

Dear Sir-
Where to start?

First of all, yes, my family will pray for you! Absolutely!

Secondly, have you considered your vocation? You mentioned that you want a girlfriend. What is it that God wants for you? I think we can often fall into the trap into deciding that what God wants for us is what we want for ourselves.

It sounds as though you are going through a very difficult time. Do not lose heart. Christ will show you all the love you need from His most merciful heart, if you are open to it. But you need to truly listen to Him. Ask Him where He wants you to be. You speak of your loneliness. As a person who had experienced that at one time, I know it can be so powerful to offer that in union with Christ as He died on the Cross. Christ was lonely. His mother was lonely.

I am concerned about your self-deprecating statements and your self proclaimed affection for alcohol. No matter how it makes you feel, alcohol is not going to fix anything, it is merely a temporary solution which ultimately produces complicated situations. In addition, it enhances negative self image and makes your actions cloudy (not to mention puts you in a weaker state for the temptation of sin).

My question for you Sir is: Is what you are doing in your life working for you? This may be a time in your life when God is showing you that talking to a counselor and sorting out this kind of stuff would be beneficial. I have education in this area and while I am not speaking as a counselor at this moment, I bet it would be very helpful to discuss your feelings of isolation and social difficulty with an objective person.

Do not be discouraged. Do not forget that people can also be very selfish. They may not realize that by not acknowledging your offer of friendship your feelings may be hurt. So many people go through what you are going through.

If God is calling you to the vocation of married life, then I am sure a young lady will cross your path. In the meantime, work on becoming the best man you can be for your future wife.

May God Bless you and comfort you in your moments of struggle.


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