Prayer Request

have rec’d the following PM and need some advice on how we handle these requests.

From: Zooey
Hi! In the past, we have had a sticky with a rosry where we could all pray?
With Katrina being a CAT 5 hurricane, about to hit the Gulf Coast, could we do that again?
I have no idea how it’s done, but it looks like this is one of the worst storms in history, & praying seems like the best thing we could all be doing now!!
God bless!


If you deem her request worthy, go for it.

Have her start a thread. Make it sticky.

The only potential problem is on low interest stories where the prayer thread will not get a lot of hits. That doesn’t mean the subject is not worthy of a rosary, but that it’s a bit unseemly to start a rosary thread that is never finished.

Thank you for the info. I see another Mod took care of it, but now I know for future reference how “it works”.

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