Prayer Request


Hi everyone!

Just wanted to ask for everyone’s prayers. My cousin who is a
priest is in the hospital today undergoing angiogram and possible
angioplasty. He called us today and asked for prayers.

I am asking everyone who reads this to say a quick prayer for
his speedy recovery. His name is Fr. Bob. He lives 4 hrs
away from us and it is hard. He is only 36 yrs old!

Thanks everyone!
Debbie :gopray:


Of course. Prayers for Fr Bob.


Praying as well :gopray2: Lord knows we need ALL our priests fit and healthy.

There is a special thread for prayer requests - I think it’s in the Spirituality forum - you might want to mention it there as well.


Thanks Lily! Will do!


My prayers are being said right now for Fr.
Bob. :gopray: For good news and a speedy recovery!


I will be happy to pray for Fr. Bob. My goodness, so young too.


I join everyone here in offering prayers for Fr. Bob and his recovery and thank all of you who have prayed.

We have several sticky threads in the Spirituality forum which might interest you including one specifically for prayer requests. I encourage the OP to keep us all updated through that venue.

Fr. Bob has been added to the prayer request thread, which you can see here.

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