Prayer Request


I would like to ask for a prayer intention. Myself and my partner have recently broken up and I am expecting a child shortly (an unplanned baby). I would like to request prayers for our reconciliation and the gift of love to be reborn between us. Please pray earnestly that he (Willie) will have a change of heart and want to work out our relationship together. I have recently begun a 54-day novena for this intention and would invite any of you who pray the Rosary to join me in this. I really appreciate your continuous thoughts and prayers – thank you very much. Peace, Tara



I join everyone here in offering prayers for you and Willie as well as your unborn child and assure you of many continued prayers on your behalf.

We have several sticky threads in the Spirituality forum which might interest you including one specifically for prayer requests and a rosary that includes in its intentions those who post on the prayer request thread. You might like to check them out, as well as our Family Life forum.

Your request has been added to the prayer request thread, which you can see here.

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