Prayer Request.


My wife is much need of prayer. She has just been diagnosed with Cervical Cancer.

In March she had a abnormal Pap and was diagnosed with Moderate Dysplasia, then several weeks later had more tests and they came back as Severe Dysplasia. Now she had a test last week and the Dr. told her she has Cancer. It seems to be moving very fast. Has anyone have an experience to share, because we do not know what to expect and are quite scared.


My prayers are with you. I understand a novena to St Peregrine might be indicated?


You have my prayers as well. Will remember your wife and you in our family Rosary today.

Remember most fear is from the unknown. Search the web for information on cervical cancer and the more you know and what to expect the less the fear.

My experience with this kind of cancer was when I was a nurse in the Air Force. I had several patients with very severe cases of it and after everything has been done to them. One patient I remember for she was in her 40’s and was not doing well. She had lost the will to live. When I went off duty for a couple of days and returned, I heard she had died. But remember she gave up and did not want to live anymore. If your wife is young and with your help and support and all our prayers, hopefully she will get the help she needs and get through this.

Does she have to go through radiation or chemotherapy?


Thanks for the prayers.

We don’t know much yet. She was just diagnosed and we go to the Oncologist on Thursday. I do know it is very early and the cancer is at 2mm.


My wife and I can definitely sympathize with your tragic situation. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last month and is home recovering from 2 surgeries.

You have been added to our prayer tree. God bless.


I will be praying for her and your family. Do you mind sharing her first name with us so we have a name to pray for?




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