Prayer Request


Greetings and Happy Snow Day to all my fellow New Englanders! I hope you are all safe and warm today :slight_smile:

My husband has a phone interview for a tenure track position at Colorado State University tomorrow night. squee

He’s miserable where he is now, and loves the idea of going back out west.

Would you folks pray for us?



Yes, I gladly will. :slight_smile: Though I’m no New Englander, hehe. :wink: Please remember me too… I’m going through a rough time myself. :wink:


Done, my friend!

And thank you :slight_smile:


What events does your husband coach?


I’m praying for you guys! May he get his dream job soon :slight_smile:




Will Pray-


Nothing, actually. He’s a chemist :slight_smile:


Awesome :slight_smile: Thanks everyone!

Can I just say, about an hour after I posted this he received a phone call from an company down in Raleigh-Durham, and they are flying him down next Thursday for an interview!! And that is in addition to the interview tomorrow! And they would pay more than our two salaries combined!

WOOT! When it rains, it pours, eh? happy dance

You are all amazing. Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts!



Oh my! :smiley: I’m so happy for you. :smiley: You’ve made my day. :smiley:

So, good luck on your improved future, I’d say. :smiley:

Will keep praying for him and both of you until it’s all resolved, though. :wink:


Keep us posted! You guys were in my prayers this afternoon!


Quick update:

Well, the job down in NC probably won’t happen. I don’t think the company realized that Hubby is under contract here and not available to start until May-ish - they wanted someone to start immediately. But, they still have his contact info, so who knows.


CSU called Hubby last night and they are going to fly him out to Colorado in a few weeks for a 2nd interview! squee


Hubby met with a gentleman who wants him to do some consulting for him, and apparently offered the company to my husband (as in, Tim could own it). He got home from the dinner meeting very late last night, and I was half asleep when he told me, so I’ll get the details tonight.


Man, God is so good. :gopray2:


Congratulations. :smiley:


Prayers out to you and your family. I sure hope whatever position he takes brings your family much happiness.


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