Prayer request


I may be involved in very painful litigation and although I’d rather avoid it, I ask for prayers that it go well (if it proves to be necessary).


I’ll be praying for you. :gopray:


I understand how you feel - involved in litigation I wish wasn’t happening myself right now. I will keep you in my prayers.:console:


You will be pryed for as I walk to work.


Praying for you.




Praying for you.


Prayers for it to be avoided and not drain you emotionally. May peace and comfort find you soon.


Praying for your intention.


May all unfold well for you…keeping you in prayer…


I thank all of you for your kindness. It’s going to be a difficult and dangerous process for me. The window of opportunity to stop the litigation is slowly slamming shut and that scares me a lot.

Thanks again for the prayers and goodness of the group.


Keeping you in daily prayer


You are in my prayers.


My prayers for you - legal problems are the pits :crossrc:




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