Prayer Requests-Never ending Jesus Prayer

Okay, it occured to me, as the Rv Fr. Ambrose asked others to pray for a certain delinquent student, that we’ve had an abundance of requests on this forum for prayers.
For example:

When our brother Bob(ie Orthodoc) was sick, we all prayed for him.

When Fr David Straut asked us to pray for his family.

When Fr Ambrose was missing, and more recently when he told us of his heart condition.

And as usual, throughout time, my requests for prayers as I’m a student…

Well, I think this would be a nice little Ecumenical thing, no Contraception, no Filioque, no Papal Supremacy, no Augustine vs Cyprian and no “My Church is better than your Church.”

Just a bunch of Christians appealing to each other as Christians, admitting they need help and asking for prayers. Lets use the Jesus Prayer for our intentions. If there is a tragedy on a global scale, or when we enter Lent, we can do it a bit more.

I’ll start:

For the unity of the Church, for all Patriarchs, for all Priests and Clergy around the Orthodox and Catholic world. For our resident Priests: Ambrose, Ambrose Jr and David (and their parishioners and families). For our moderator that he might not be driven nuts by us :smiley: . For charity. And for all students around the world (including me) that they may have the strength to work on their studies.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.

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