Prayer requests


Please pray for the following:

_ for the reconciliation of my children.
_ for the success of slipped disc operation of my brother Jesse
_ for all those who have asked us to pray for them, esp. the terminally ill: Dennis, Kwalwassar, Courtney, Chris, and Robert and for all those dying at this very moment. May the Lord God be at their side to protect them from evil.
_ for the successful travel of my sister and husband to Europe this next 12 days.


Welcome to the Forums! :slight_smile:

I will pray for your intentions in my prayers and Masses.
You may like to post in Prayer Intentions so that Prayer Warriors and others also are alerted to your needs and can pray for you all.

In the name of Jesus, Father please hear and grant these prayers.

God bless you and your family…Trishie


Will keep your intentions in prayer…Barb:)


Amen. :slight_smile:


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