Prayer requires action.

Prayer requires action.
I want to share a simple but powerful truth that could revolutionize your prayer life. So much of the time, we treat our prayer life like a ‘must get” and ask God for our wishes to be granted. Even mature Believers often fall into the trap of treating God like some kind of cosmic concierge who is there at our beck and call to fulfill our every whim and desire. The truth that I want to share with you today is that prayer requires action on our part.
When we pray, we are demonstrating our dependence upon God. We are saying to God that “we need you,” that “without you we can do nothing. The key moment comes AFTER we have prayed. What do we do then? This is the critical point where many Believers fail. Prayer requires action on our part. They pray and seek God for a need in their life, and then sit back waiting for God to meet their need. Is God able? Of course, He is God! However, never forget that we pray out of faith, and true Biblical faith requires ACTION!
Thousands of us here can afford 3-4 basic meals a day, can afford great housing, can send our children to the best colleges, can take time out and enjoy a cold ice. Have you ever thought of thousands of people out there are onto the street with no housing, it gets to winter and some die in the cold, others cannot afford a snack a day and others languish in abject poverty? What have you done as a catholic Christian? How often do you give out just a dollar to charity or to a friend in need? 1 dollar can buy a bottle of water for the thirsty, 1 dollar can buy a child a pair of slippers, 1 dollar can buy a kid a shirt. Many of us find it so hard to give yet we engage God in Prayer asking for the best Porsche car, the best designer clothes, the best summer trips and the most handsome man ever. Think about it, am I worth winning God’s favour if I can’t do the same for others? I am a living testimony to God’s mercy and try your prayer with actions, the next time you will be out there testifying how amazing this God is.
In His love and service,

Yes, and thank you. Very thought provoking! I like this call to action. It’s something I can DO!

A very good thought of the day for me to wake up to.:hmmm:

:thankyou: and Peace!!!

Well thought out. Thank you.


This is a very good reminder. I know that sometimes I ask for God to do something, yet I am unwilling to sacrifice a bit to get it :o

very true. Thank you

I hate to toss a wet blanket on your post, but there are many, many Christians due to circumstances beyond their control…who can only pray. Prayer is an action. It may be the only action one can take. While the poster has some really good observations and thoughts…Remember that Christ said the poor would always be with us. The US and the Catholic Church are the greatest givers of alms and assistance in the world and are there for everyone that they can reach. Peace

Yes, you are right :slight_smile: Prayer is an action too. But suppose that all your prayers go like this: God, You are great, can you get me my long list of desires?

Now, if we want God to do something for us, we should be willing to do something for God or for others, right? And when we pray for others, we are sacrificing some of our time, which may be all that some people have, for others, right?

So prayer is definitely a good part of what we can sacrifice for others.


I live on a small pension and find ways to give, to share with those who have no food unless it is given … Just got painfully booted off a large forum for living simply so that others can simply live and daring to enjoy the simplicity…I am happy in my sincere frugality.

And yes, I share the OPs views… And no I will never lean on arguments like," The poor are always with us". Jesus says often that to be perfect we must give. WE as individuals. To our neighbours, To those living without a home. Directly

Just now feeling frustrated as I had to stop market trading at Christmas and cannot raise funds that way. Need to earn to give…

If we really believe that all we have, skills, gifts, food etc,are from God then we need to share?

I have a roof over my head, simple food enough, a computer that was given by a dear friend who knows how I live, and all I really need.

Anything else gets given. And it is amazing how much that can be when we think it through.

Yes prayer is action but surely needs to inspire us to act when we can. To find even the smallest ways to help. Need not cost money either.

Thank you!

Oh Rosebud! This is very lovely and thoughtful. God bless you. Many of us find it hard to donate, to give, or to sacrifice. People feel offended sometimes if told to give. Others find excuses while many long for more and more. Thank you and God should listen to your prayers, be blessed.

This is not about US and the catholic church, it is you and me. It is us who pray to God. Do you find it possible to give? Do i find it possible to give? Otherwise thank you for your comments, God bless and be blessed.

Heard a few days ago that a parcel of knitteds sent to my family in Canada to sell sold immediately and for a very good price so am rejoicing. Every cent will feed babies in India that they rescue from the rubbish tips

I cannot understand why folk use the word 'sacrifice" re giving? No one asks it of me, but it is part of who I am …

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