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Hi all! I am researching the history of our real common beautiful Catholic Prayers. I have grown up not knowing the real names of the prayers, or where they came from. I am going to be teaching a high school class on prayers and I just would like to get more history on them. The ones that I am focusing on making sure they know are: The Sign of the Cross, The Our Father, The Glory Be, The Angel of God, The Hail Mary, The Nicene Creed and the Apostles Creed.

The other topics I will be working with is types of prayers…contemplative, song, rosary, scriptural, Mass, Adoration…Anything else you can think of to help me out would be wonderfully amazingly appreciated!!!

The last class for the high schoolers was awful and I had to promise the kids that I would teach this class this week, just to get them to come back! I want this class to be really informative and factual. Thanks so much in advance!!

God Bless!!!

Here is something that is geared for grades 6-12, and this page gives links to short summaries on the history of some prayers:

This site looks good for history of the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, plus others.

I just Googled this stuff; maybe you could find more of what you’re looking for that way.

Good for you that you are making an effort to introduce this to young adults. We will pray for you.

**I hope your class goes very well. Good luck.

Another search engine to try would be**, which combines about 7 different search engines.

Another good source could be your church’s religious director, or even your priest. Do you have a seminary in your area?

Maybe you could also develop a list of the prayers you want these kids to learn, one prayer per student, have them research the prayer and have the class pray that prayer together. That could free you to concentrate on how prayers are formed and how they have been chosen to be used.

This may give the students more “hands on” with the classes instead of listening to lectures. But you can’t really trust me on this one, I was one of those students who prayed to do research papers and essays.


Thank you both so much for your help!!!

God Bless!!

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