Prayer- restrictions in some faiths?

I am looking for a list of denominations of Christianity or All other faiths that prohibit praying for “non-believers” or those outside of their community of faith.

I am also looking for the reasons to back up that position if any.

Thank you.

DOn’t know. In Judaism we pray for everyone. Including our nation’s leaders.

Bush too?:slight_smile:

Yeah. Can’t say I’m happy about it. But since we’re basically praying that they be guided by the precepts of Torah, I guess it’s ok.

Don’t know if this is relevant, but I found it interesting. I belong to an interfaith service organization, Faith in Action. Almost all the worship communities in our service area participate. After repeated inquiries the Missouri Synod Lutheran congregation finally told us they could not participate in any sort of gathering where prayer was offered by anyone except Missouri Synod Lutherans.

My suggestion was that we let them be in charge of prayer at meetings but I guess that didn’t work either.


Are you aware that they think the Pope is the Anti-Christ?

I would think and hope that if different denominations knew that a person was a non-Christian that they would at least pray for that person so he or she might come to have faith in Jesus.

And doubly so for people who were Christians if they weren’t of the preferred ‘flavour’!

Some do not though. As sad as it is some do not.

Some Christian cults do not allow it. I’m not sure about other faiths.

That is why I put up the thread. But maybe some dont want to admit it.

Could you name the groups you have in mind? (I’m dubious of the designation "cult’ on principle.) And why do you suspect people here of not wanting to admit it? The attitude you describe does exist in fundamentalism (Jack Chick, for instance), but fortunately it’s rare. The LCMS are not an example, because obviously praying *with *someone is not the same thing as praying *for *them.


I said any restrictions and now you are making exceptions.
ANY restrictions is what I asked.

You are dubious of the designation cult?

How about a Jw?

Sorry- anyone’s baptism that the Church does not consider valid- that to me is a sure as *&^% sign its a cult.


Our church prays for everyone and anyone. We have even prayed for the terrorists and Osama Bin Laden to come to Christ. I will also pray with anyone who wants to.:smiley:

Praying for people of other faiths or praying ***with ***people of other faiths? I don’t know of any Christian Churches who wouldn’t pray for people of other faiths. Some, however, would not allow their members to pray with members of other faiths, e.g., Lutheran Church Wisconsin Synod.

As to your first question FOR or WITH-
Either one.
Its a restriction if it is one or the other.

What is a Christian Church to you? Jw’s?

We’re more likely to pray that God smite Bin Laden.

What does smite mean?

Is it not grand to pray that way?:confused:


Thank you

smite = destroy. We aren’t shy about praying for the destruction of our enemies. Especially those enemies who threaten the existence of Jews as a people.

This goes back to the value of life right? You were telling us how that is what your faith is all about. Yet, abortion and now this. Jewish life I am guessing here in this case is what you value in order of importance.


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