--Prayer special request--


I’m not used to do this, especially using the net, but…

I beg you to join in prayer on behalf of Luca.

He was a coworker, his age was circa 28. He died of cancer during the final agony of John Paul II.
Please pray for his (probably) non-religious family, that they may react to the overexposure of the death of the Pope not by contrasting the event to their much more bitter drama, but on the opposite that they may find a sense in sharing our brothers’ pain, being part of something bigger and of a marvelous Hope.
Luca had a grave handicap. He posed as an atheist. Once he complained to me in anger, shouting about why God creates people with serious malformations like him.
I wasn’t able to use my subtle rational arguments with him, so he received no good answer. In his last months I was told he didn’t want to see people.

Now, I was naturally induced to connect the two deaths. As JPII was a champion in reaching to the distant and teaching us to share pain as a way to discover the real love, I visualize the image of our Holy Father embracing him.

Please, help me, let’s annoy God with our barrage of prayers.

And, as soon as we are here, please pray also for a close friend of mine, a woman that, besides her sorrow for Luca, is also facing the “wrong boyfriend but I can’t live without him and he says he’s gonna leave but then returns” syndrome.

God bless you!


I will pray that the Lord reveals His love and Mercy on your friend before his death.Luckily the Lord is outside of time and can apply our prayers accordingly:gopray2: :gopray: :gopray2:


we’re praying.


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