Prayer to Bl Kateri for healing of lung cancer

Please ask Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha to intercede on behalf of my father in law, Richard, who is dying of lung cancer.

Thank You~

Dear Jesus, You resurrected the dead,
Restoring the health of the sick.
Be it physical or spiritual torment,
None were a great obstacle to You:
For Your loving power is omnipotent.
We ask for Your abounding healing love for Richard;
Maintain Richard’s body and soul vigorous
So he may fulfill his daily functions.
The world will be conquered by You,
All afflictions will be dissipated


Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, pray for Richard.

Praying hard.

Praying for your FIL Richard …

Thank you, all!

Dear Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha,
Lily of the Mohawks,
I am part Iroquois too, and ask you to
please intercede with healing prayers for Richard
in accordance with God’s Holy Will.

Very special prayers, thanks so much. I just know that God is listening. I pray that these requests are answered in the most glorious way! Bl. Kateri only needs one more miracle. I know she’s already performed one in my life - nothing so profound as to advance her cause - but I would like to show my gratitude by seeking to advance her cause through this special petition.

All according to the Divine Will of the Father, through Jesus Christ, for His glory and the elect who share in His glory!

Continuing prayers …


thanks so much!

Lord, hear our prayers

I visited him today - he was sitting at the table eating. He looked good.

There’s a story behind why I wanted to pray to Bl Kateri for this - maybe sometime I’ll post it. But for now I just have this to share:

Last night my husband had a dream that his father was celebrating at a banquet and he was almost completely better. He was recovering from his illness and had put on a lot of the weight he had lost. Everyone was rejoicing with him and our family.

I hope the dream is not just wishful thinking. This man was a very prominent member of this city. He has spent his life serving others. He clearly has been doing everything in his power to stay alive - most people would have given up long ago. It would be such a glorious thing if he were to be healed!!


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