Prayer to Infant Jesus, Child Jesus, and Adult Jesus

I’ve read that people have prayed to Infant Jesus and Child Jesus (and the more familiar Adult Jesus).

Is there a devotional difference?

I realize they’re the same God and Person, but just confused as to why some would pray to Jesus of different human ages…

The first time I read about an apparition of Child Jesus is from the Desert Fathers when one person did not believe in the Real Presence of the Eucharist and he was shown a Child Jesus literally pierced with a weapon. :eek:


It’s analogous to having a devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes vs Our Lady of Fatima.


Infant Jesus meek and mild
look on me a little child.
Pity mine and pity me,
suffer me to come to Thee.

Heart of Jesus I adore Thee,
heart of Mary I implore thee,
heart of Joseph pure and just,
in these three hearts I place my trust.


Infant Jesus come to me,
That I may good and happy be;
My heart is small; for Thee my all,
For Thee, dear Jesus, Holy Child.

What father, mother, teacher say,
I’ll do at once, yes, right away,
All that they will, I must fulfil,
For love of Thee, dear Jesus, Child.

Should wicked satan to me say,
“Come, little friend, do walk my way,”
I’ll say No! No! I can not go,
I’ll only go with Jesus Child.

See the attraction?


Have you ever meditated on Jesus Christ Birth? (Infant Jesus)

Have ever meditated when Jesus Was lost for three day’s and was found by His Mother Mary? (child Jesus)

Have you ever meditated when Jesus Christ was crucified on the Cross? (and the more familiar adult Jesus)

I’m sure if you have meditated you also have prayed to. There is no devotional difference, because He is one and the same Lord Jesus Christ at any age

Jesus can appear at any age, to anyone He so chooses.

Ufam Tobie

heres your answer

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I am so happy that you posted this. Its the first thing I thought of when I read the thread, I’m just not computer savvy enough to get it from one place to the other. Hilarious. :thumbsup:

I like to picture my Jesus singing lead vocals for Lynard Skynyrd, with like eagles wings, and an angel band!

Dear Teeny Tiny Baby Jesus…

It occurs to me that one reading the responses without viewing the video may think that we are engaging in some sort mockery. The video shows the idiocy of the character being played and that is where the humor lies, not in somehow mocking Jesus. Just want to make that clear.

Yes of course, im referencing a movie im not actually mocking christ, just to make that clear.

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