Prayer to Jesus Abandoned


This is from a lovely Adoration booklet called “Holy Hour of Reparation.” I thought it might be nice to share with everyone during this Lenten season:
To Jesus Abandoned

With Mary Immaculate
Let us adore, thank, implore and console,
the Most Beloved and Sacred Heart of Jesus
in the Blessed Sacrament.

O Divine Jesus, lonely tonight in so many Tabernacles,
without visitor or worshiper,
I offer Thee my poor heart.
May its every throb be an act of love for Thee.
Thou art always watching beneath the Sacramental Veils;
in Thy Love Thou dost never sleep
and Thou art never weary
of Thy vigil for sinners.
O lonely Jesus
may the flame of my heart
burn and beam always in company with Thee.




…In our disobedience and ingratitude, our God, You have not destroyed us, but have become for us—a defenceless infant…a humble labourer…a man murdered by Your chosen people. You have become for all time, food to be assimilated into the functions of the human body and soul of mere creatures, devout and lukewarm alike.

You have become bread to be tabernacled in centuries of neglect before multitudes of unbelievers and of apathetic followers…cherished only by Your true friends. Yet even these have not lived without offence against You, excepting one pure woman, chosen as Mother—for the Son did not enter our nature in resplendence as a magnificent adult. Rather, the Father humbly, through an Angel, sought permission of the sinless young virgin to accept Him as a helpless embryo!

What is this humility, this faith, this patience, this obedience, this compassion that You show us, infinite God! We are proud, stubborn, untrusting and wayward, yet Your mercy remains open to endless human insult, for within time it is always subject to our personal acceptance or rejection. Repeatedly, You reiterate Your love and mercy in our hearts and through other persons. You reiterate them through Scripture and ministry of the Church, source of grace, sacrament and wisdom established by the Son to fulfil His promise to remain always with us.

Our God, who are You who so loves His ungrateful, ignorant, unworthy creatures! Behold the humility of eternal, infinite God, to love and desire us who are enmeshed in egoism that alienates us from each other and You! We begin to suspect the smallness of our vision, the confusion of our understanding, and the flawed nature of our enthroned Reason, with its inability to cope with these unfathomable, paradoxical truths.

Should we, in contemplating such things, wonder at human suffering! We begin to appreciate Jesus’ warning that unless one becomes as a little child one cannot enter God. We also begin to understand some of the causes of difficulties within our human condition, of the conflicts and miseries of our world, and of the corruption of our society in social and personal injustice and discord…


O my Jesus, inspire in Christian hearts to visit and comfort You, lonely in the Tabernacle by day and by night. Amen.


O Lord, help us to join our own sorrows and abandonment to Thine… that in some small way… it may decrease Your suffering. Amen. :gopray: :heart:

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