Prayer to Jesus in the Tabernacle


O lonesome Lord, forgotten by Your redeemed brethern! I come to You today with tears of pity; I offer You my tears for Your consolation, for at least some souls to come to You, each day, and spend at least half a hour with You, You who thirst to give Yourself to souls!

O despised Lord, hated by Your redeemed creatures! I offer You all lonely souls, all abandoned souls, all despairing souls, all confused souls, all hungry and thirsty souls, all poor souls, all suffering souls, and all sinful souls, most especially those in most need of Your Mercy, and I thrust them in Your Most Sacred Heart, imbue them in Your Most Precious Blood and Water, and I beg You to have mercy on them: be for them their rest!

O merciful Lord, Whose Mercy is rejected and distrusted! I trust in You, and I beg You to help me trust in You more, and I ask pardon of those who do not trust in You and who do not accept Your Mercy; I offer myself for their sake, as a sacrifice, for their conversion, for Your consolation! Have pity, O Mercy, have pity on poor mankind, which yearns for You yet dose not want You, like a little child who dose not wish to return to his loving Father!

O cold Lord, left alone in the dark and coldness! I offer You my heart, my little flame of love, and I pray it become for You a comfort, a great joy, though it be nothing, mere dust; but You who created me, and renewed me, and sustain me, can certainly sanctify me and use me as Your instrument of glory and consolation and of appeasement of the Divine Justice. If this is Your Will, my sweet Jesus, than let it be done - not my will but Yours!


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