Prayer to St. Rita -- healed


I’ve never prayed to a Saint before, and frankly I didn’t feel like I knew what I was doing. I just did a little research and did what I thought was right.

My boyfriend (who is Catholic) broke his leg about two months ago. He had surgery and everything seemed to be fine. As soon as he was able to get rid of his crutches and begin walking in an air cast, there were complications and he had to be non-weightbearing again. His tendons weren’t healing correctly. He was really disappointed when he found out he might have to have surgery again and not walk for another two months.

I looked up patron saints and though, hey, it can’t hurt. I’m in the process of becoming Catholic myself, so I felt a little easier about it, but I still didn’t totally know what to do. I found a prayer to St. Rita since she is a patron Saint of healing the sick.

I got a call today from my boyfriend and he doesn’t have to have surgery. He will be off his crutches in a few weeks. I know that this might seem like a small victory to some, but I just wanted to share. Am I celebrating too early in thinking that St. Rita helped me? I’d like to think so, but I’m also new at the Saint prayer thing. Any thoughts?


I don’t think it would hold up the church’s strict review for being officially declared a miracle, but that is not to say that intercession by St Rita was not responsible for your boyfriends healing. Remember, the potency of the saints in heaven praying for us. You will do well as a catholic and welcome to God’s flock.


Oh not I wasn’t looking for a miracle, I was just wondering if anybody thought that praying to a saint did any good (Because I don’t know what I’m doing)


I lose my wallet all the time along with various other important possesions

I find that when I offer to give some money to the poor in a prayer to saint anthony I find it (he was known for loving the poor and being the saint of lost items)


I think its a miraculous answer - St. Rita’s intervention! The Saints hear our prayers and I think really particularly when we reach out in faith for the first time. I see this when people call on Jesus the first time in a very small way - but big for them because its their first, and He rewards so generously to encourage their faith. I also have seen this with calling on Saints for the first time, for myself and also I’ve seen it work that way with others.

I think St. Rita is your new friend! She was one of my first after I converted to Catholicsim, and I have a little white (clear sparkle rhinestone, actually) bee pin, which I sometimes wear and always tell people who notice that its to honor her, the Saint of the Impossible, and sometimes I get to tell the story of the miracle of the white bees.


Thanks so much for your kind reply:)
Would you mind telling me the white bee story?


But you did know what you were doing. You asked a fellow member of the Body of Christ to pray for another (not even yourself) who needed help. You participated in the family of God, seeking the good of another.


Hi saramichael! Sorry I never got back to this. Perhaps you found this yourself by now, but in case not, I did a search and cut and pasted (to save time!). Here is is:

Five days after her birth, a swarm of bees hovered over Rita as she slept in her cradle. “The bees alighted on her lips,…, and were seen to enter and issue forth from her partially opened mouth without harming her or causing her to awaken from her slumber.… The bees were a presage of Rita’s future Beatification that was to take place when the bees of Urban VIII reigned in the Church.” (St. Rita of Cascia; Fr. Sicardo; p. 32)

Over six centuries later, a small swarm of bees still dwells in a small fissure in the convent wall, midway between Rita’s cell and her sepulchre. The bees have no sting! They live retired for most of the year, but leave their tiny abode during the last few days of Holy Week and return on the feast of St. Rita. On one occasion, one of the bees was sent in a glass vase to Urban VIII. It remained only a day, escaped its glass prison, and then returned to its companions in Cascia.


I recently watched a movie about St. Rita. It is a wonderful movie - an Italian movie.

For St. Rita - I asked her for her intercession every single day. My girlfriend prayed for me to have a job, and I got it. that is how I know St. Rita.

I also pray for her intercession to help me to be a kind person because I know she was a peace maker! I can see that I am a lot better than before. :slight_smile:

warning: asking to be a peace maker or a kind person, you will probably get people speak down on you. That is how God grants you the gift and makes you a kind person. :wink:


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