Prayer vs. Podcast

Recently I have come across various “prayer” podcasts. The rosary, divine mercy chapet, divine office, daily mass reading etc.

Are they an appropriate substitute for prayer time? I am a busy stay at home mom and have listened/ prayed along while doing housework or nursing my newborn.

Is that ok??

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think they’re fine, as long as you’re sufficiently attentive, while attending to your other matters. I listen to podcasts, all the time. I had the iCatholic radio app, which featured streams of the Rosary, and Divine Chaplet of Mercy.

I also have iCatholic radio!!

I pray with and without a Podcast :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your feedback. I pray with and without as well!

Congratulations! I wouldn’t let any of that interrupt personal prayer time. Sure you are going to be busy but you do need a few minutes every morning and evening at least. Do at least ten minutes each and try to do some spiritual reading and contemplation. And certainly take the little one to daily Mass if you can and certainly on Sunday.:thumbsup:

Daily Mass is not offered at any of the churches here. For some reason there are no masses on Thursday. I also share a car with my husband…so I couldn’t go to Mass during the week. I would love to attend daily mass. :slight_smile:

I try not to let things distract me…I am lucky to get a few minutes to myself between a one month old, an thirteen month old and a four year old. I hope that the podcasts can supplement the time I spend praying.

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