Prayer Warrior Battlefield


Thank you, Governator.


And lots of prayer asking God what His will for you is, as much time as possible in Adoration in front of Jesus, DAILY prayer especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Surrender ALL to God and be willing to be His instrument in whatever way HE chooses to use you for His work. We all have a purpose but we need to ask God to help us find that purpose.


My advice is to focus on yourself but don’t be afraid to help others through prayer and through evangelization efforts.

Look to the early desert fathers who were monastics they spent many years learning to examine themselves and learning to discern when temptations came from within or came from the devil.

The devil likes to kick people when they are already down and that’s why it can be very difficult to discern when things are human or preternatural.

You just have to have a good healthy spirituality and a good healthy fear of God and the Devil.

Be constantly weary of sin and offending God and be weary of pride and under estimating the devil.

It’s all their trial and error and learning from our mistakes and licking our wounds


And GOOD Spiritual counsel


Yes having a spiritual father is very important.

That means of priests that you can ask advice or that you make regular confessions to.


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