Prayer Warriors getting tired – Rosary and Sleep


A thread about a rosary broken when the person praying fell asleep, got me to thinking about this phenomenon, falling asleep while praying…especially the rosary. It seems to be widespread, this people falling asleep while praying the rosary. It’s an epidemic! :smile:

Back when I was very young, I was involved in this catholic movement in my town. Anyway, every single time we would have a seminar, we would also assign a few people to pray. These people we named as our “prayer warriors” for the seminar.

More often than not, the priest/s (and/or religious) imparting these seminars would get really really really tired at some point. I do not know why (although I have my theories) but those handling the seminars would usually feel exhaustion to a point where it was difficult to continue.

This is when they would ask our prayer warriors to pray for them, to give them strength and energy to finish the seminars.

And something I always thought was very curious was that, 99% of the times the celebrant had asked for prayers for strength, we would find our prayer warriors in deep sleep, while the celebrant has found a massive source of energy somewhere and is pushing on with the seminar like there was no tomorrow.

When I asked a priest about this, he told me that the “job” of a prayer warrior was difficult and dangerous, as sometimes, the “problem” of the person you are praying for gets transferred to you, and your energy is depleted by this. He told me that the prayer warriors took upon themselves the “tiredness” of the celebrants returning their energy to finish the seminars, but in exchange, the prayer warriors ended up exhausted and asleep. (They would eventually wake up full of energy, so all good there.)

But, I got to thinking….since so many of us fall asleep while praying the rosary….are we being prayer warriors here doing what Mother Mary has asked us? And when we pray, the Lord uses our energy for someone/somewhere else, and that is why we tend to fall asleep so easily while praying?

Have you seen/heard anything similar? What do you think?

PS. When I was undergoing training as a prayer warrior, I was taught a prayer for this….and it goes something like, “Dear Jesus, please cover me with Your most precious blood. May Your blood protect me Lord.” It works too! :blush:


This is a bit over complicated I think.
People get tired, the Rosary is comforting and relaxing, they doze off.
No need to overthink it.


I do the rosary thing all the time…I’ll wake up about 3 AM and pick up were I left off! Or let my Guardian Angel finish up!


I fall asleep in 100% of my nightly prayers.

I like to think that God finds it adorable that his child falls asleep in his lap mid-sentence and its because I’m comforted and at peace. Or He thinks I’m a lazy mare who won’t go to bed earlier.

Nothing to do with energies/being prayer warriors. It’s to do with feeling comfortable, loved and at peace


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