Prayer Warriors please help and others! Kids going on visitation

My sister, Norma, and her children, Marissa and Luis need immediate prayers and prayers for a long time. I have posted many times about her case under different threads, one being “when it is too much.” I don’t remember the rest, but her ex and her are divorce now for two years and we believe has a personality disorder as well as his wife. Anyway, the law can do nothing. He is very abusive emotinally and verbally to the children and child protective services has been informed and does nothing. He has been physically abusive with my nephew and has left a welt on his bottom for excessive spanking. He is an excessive liar in person, on the stand in court, in his emails and before police officers. He is also a police officer and so is his current wife. He is running a daycare currently with his wife.

Anyway, something happened today that again he won. To not go into details, he has the children and kept them from school to get his way in a situation that my sister disagreed upon and lied to the officer we had to call.

Please pray for my sister and her children. The voices of these kids are not being heard and they will be going to their dad’s for two weeks on and off throughout the summer. They are neglected and not feed or watched properly when at their dad’s. This has been going on for two years with no hope of improving for them. I don’t know what to tell my sister anymore. I just pray. She has been crying off and on all day today and has lost hope also. The kids see their counselors this Friday. If they talk, if not too afraid, and disclose to the therapist of what really happens at their dad’s, the therapist has the right to stop all visitation for the dad. We need this miracle, but the children have been threatened by their dad and his wife not to speak of anything that goes on at their house. Please, please pray. Thanks so much.

My evening prayers for your sister and her family.

:gopray2: :gopray2: :gopray2:

I will remember your family in my prayers tonight, and tomorrow. :gopray:

:gopray2: I’m so sorry about this situation in your family. I will pray very hard for all of you. God bless you and yours.

I prayed Saint Rita for her intercession. She was once a wife and a mother. She is an Patron saint of impossible.

God bless your sister family.

St. Rita prayer:

Thanks to all of you that responded. I really appreciate it and they really need the prayers. I have also been praying to St. Rita, and find it interesting that she was mentioned, but this is an impossible situation, so it seems.


They are all in my prayers.

I’ll be keeping them in my prayers.

Prayers for this family!!:signofcross: :gopray2: :signofcross:

I will be praying for you and for your family Nana3.



Absolutely prayers going out for you. God is good. May He bring this family earthly justice and heavenly mercy; earthly peace and heavenly peace, healing, solace, and comfort in distress.

Thanks for you prayers and your continued prayers. My nephew just showed me his head and knee that he hit on the steps of his dad’s pool. He was diving in and hit his head and has a deep cut on his knee. There was no adult supervision. He should not have been jumping or diving anywhere near the steps or shallow waters. This is only yet another incident where they could have been seriously hurt and were not, thank the Lord. My sister always prays that the kids guardian angels watch them carefully. This is the fourth injury received at their dads in a short time. Last time my nephew came from his father with a huge bump on his head and says he hit a coffee table. There is more. Please continue to pray for a miracle, but also that these kids stay safe if the Lord permits them two weeks at a time in the summer with their dad. Thanks.


Praying :gopray2:

My family will be praying for your family. :crossrc: :crossrc: :crossrc: :crossrc: :

I wanted to tell all of you that your intercessory prayers are working. My niece went to her counseling appointment on Friday and came out of the session so happy and smiling. She told my sister, “I told her everything that happens at daddy’s house.” By everything, she told her all the neglect and child abuse. The therapist talked with my sister and told her that they have given the father two months to call and make an appointment and that he has not. All the therapist would say is that with that days session and information from Marissa that they were calling a conference and action must to taken. We don’t know what they are going to do, but we hope and pray that they will stop all visitation to the dads for this summer. The children have to go to their dads for two weeks starting on June 6th. Now, we just all need to pray that these two psychologist will defend my niece and nephew. If word gets back to the dad of what Marissa said and she has to go and face them yet again, she will get in trouble for talking and she will never open up. She did express this fear to the counselor and said that the reason she has kept quiet is because nothing ever gets down and she still have to face her dad and it is worse for he knows what she had said before. Please continue to pray. I pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire these two psychologist to help my niece and nephew. My nephew did disclose that he got injuried in the pool with no adult supervision and he doesn’t know how to swim.

Prayers working!!! Thanks so much everyone. I am sure the Lord Jesus will protect these kids this summer.

The kids had their follow up appointment today from the last visit. My sister talked with the counselor who said their hands are tied and they can’t do anything even though they believe the children are neglected and there is issues with their safety. Please pray for the children in these next two weeks. They go to their dad for two weeks, the first for the summer, on the 6th of June. May God keep them safe during this time. Norma, their mother, could use prayers of strength and hope. She has lost all hope in the system.

I will keep the prayers coming Nana3.



They are in my prayers.

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