Based on the posts made in the Wicca threads I want to explore Prayer

What is prayer (to you)

Communicating with an all-powerful,all-knowing, always present God who hears all prayers and loves all His children. Sometimes I pray for a specific person or circumstance, other times I thank God for His blessings, provision, mercy, and grace, ask forgiveness, ask for guidance and make requests. Prayer is also about listening to God. The Scriptures tell us that the Holy Spirit helps us to pray (Jude1:20), so prayer is also about being aware of the leading of the Holy Spirit.

I see prayer as an amazing gift from God, the opportunity to communicate directly and freely in praise and thanks. As father’s day approaches, I am reminded that this is one Father that is with us always and forever and I’m glad he hears me.

Prayer is communication with the gods. Sometimes prayer is very formal, with candles and incense and such. Other times, prayer is doing the dishes. Prayer is dancing barefoot in the grass. Prayer is making love (this sort of prayer, I’m told, is quite enjoyable).

Prayer is seeking to align myself with the will and mind of God. “Our spirits groan within us…” Prayer is me talking to the Eternal and focusing my thoughts and mind through “words” seeking to understand “how then should I pray”…for the will and mind of God…meditation is God speaking to me as my heart and mind turns to “Listen” to the “Voice” which is “still” and “small”…

For me, prayer is an ascent of my heart and soul to God. It is a turning away from myself and self-will, to Him and his Will. Through prayer, I aim to align my will with the Divine Will and ultimately lose my self with all its wordly attachments so that I can strip my soul of every sin which currently clings to it and robe her with godly virtues. In this manner I hope to attain union with God in the ground of my soul, in my inmost being where lies the Image of God, who is more intimate to me than I am to myself, who is closer to me than my own soul, who is more interior to me than I am to myself. And in so doing I hope to become a better human being, a better Christian and a better lover of Our Lord. In prayer I retire every day into that sacred inner temple where only God dwells, where only he can enter, no one else. And I try to grow in closer union with Him within that intimate space.

Prayer is about abandoning self-will, detachment and growing in union with God :slight_smile:

It is a gift from our Blessed Lord.

100% the way I see it! :thumbsup:

Prayer-- a form of communication. As with all things it has its ultimate resting place in God, but can be addressed to the living members of Christ’s body here on earth as well as those who have died but in doing are now fully members of Christ’s mystic body in Heaven (saints), in communion with each other.

A relatively modern idea seeks to make the noun ‘prayer’ and the verb ‘to pray’ relate solely to God, and not to anybody else, but that is not the original meaning of the word.

I like the first sentence and that probably is very close to my own definition. :thumbsup:

Someone mentioned this long ago about the types of prayers that we can do which contains in the acronym of ACTS:

A - adoration - praise and worship of the living God.

C - Contrition - to submit to God our sins and to ask for forgiveness.

T - thanksgivings - to be grateful to God for all His blessings.

S -supplication - to ask and petition for our needs.

I see prayer as resting the mind in God.

Solely to God - well who else would it relate to :slight_smile:

thank you for your input. Resting in the mind of God. I had not thought of it like that before :slight_smile:

Is this what you do for prayer? I been taught this I think a long time ago too.

Thank you
What do you mean by it can be addressed to the living members of Christs body here on earth etc…


You seem to demand a lot from prayer? I hope you feel fulfilled and find yourself growing as you say. Good luck

Thank you
and I hope that you feel God listens and provides all that you ask for and are at peace

yes prayer is an amazing gift of God as of believing in God is an amazing gift too.

Thank you for joining in and I did smile when I noted you are of pagan and if it hadn’t been then would sound quite catholic. Though you didn’t add prayer is watching God’s wonderful nature, ie gazing upon the view before us and soaking it up. Though I think we would add being aware of the presence of God too and that to me is simply prayer, prayer without words and easy and very basic. But easy complete and whole. Prayer is making love but perhaps not by what we today think of as making love…:blush:

Prayer gives voice to a longing for a more pure relationship with God.

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