Is it wrong, or disrespectful for me to pray to God (or talk to Him) while I am lying down before I go to sleep?


Absolutely not! He wants us to pray to him constantly. I can’t think of anything better than drifting off to sleep thinking of our Lord.:slight_smile:


Often times I will fall asleep while praying the rosary. Those are some of the best nights of rest! Resting in God-


This used to be the primary method of my prayer. Now, I kneel at the foot of the bed and toward the crucifix. However, if I forget to mention an intention after laying down, I’ll pray again when laying in bed.

Anytime is a good time to pray, in my opinion.


I do it every night! It’s my primary method of praying. If you continue to be bothered by it, you can always kneel…:thumbsup:

No honest, pure prayer is disrespectful to God. When we live a life of perpetual prayer, we almost know what Heaven is like. We taste God’s life. The Catholic Life becomes meaningful and everything aligns. :getholy:


Not at all. It is ok to pray whenever and wherever you want to. As Paul says:

1Th 5:16 Rejoice always;
1Th 5:17 pray without ceasing;
1Th 5:18 in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.


ok I get what everyones saying but sometimes when I fall asleep then wake up and start again, then doze. I think of the disiples who were supposed to pray with Jesus in the Garden and could not stay awake, and He kept waking them. So while I really do get its good, this other part does bother me, but I suppose “the best” couldnt stay awake so aleast we are in good company??


Well, we realistically can’t stay awake 24/7, can we? I really see nothing wrong with falling asleep in Jesus’ arms, just as a child would do with a parent. What could be more comforting, more peaceful?


I feel the same way.:slight_smile:


I believe the basic principle found in Deut. 6:6&7 applies here. However, if one’s prayer life invariably includes falling asleep during prayer, then keep your eyes open.:smiley:



I do think it’s important to say though that what we do with our bodies can affect the… “quality” of our prayer. I found that laying down in bed and praying was very difficult because of my lack of concentration. By kneeling, I find i have more reverance and can maintain, relatively constant prayer for 10-15 minutes before I sleep.


It gives a whole new meaning to “Now I lay me down to sleep…” :smiley:

(Sorry :o )



You seem right about where I was a few years ago at your age.

There’s nothing wrong with lying down and praying, but if it’s the only praying you do, then I’d advise against it, because it’s easy to lose concentration or drift off while lying down. If you don’t pray other than this, then I recommend taking a little bit of time, start however small you want, 15, 10, even 5 minutes, and sit, or kneel, or stand and pray to God for that set amount of time. It’s better to devote one wholehearted minute to God than 10 lukewarm ones, I think. I’m, only now, starting to learn that prayer is about donating our time just to be with God and to please him. Be faithful in small things, as our Lord says, you will be faithful in large things (i.e., see Lk 16:10).


P.S. It’s always good to do mental prayer, not only vocal prayer. When you pray set prayers, apply your mind to the words and concentrate on what they mean. The next step up is in the style of the rosary-- meditate on a mystery of the faith while saying vocal prayers. If you want, make it your goal to grow to regular mental prayer, every day, by first starting small. :thumbsup:


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I believe the basic principle found in Deut. 6:6&7 applies here. However, if one’s prayer life invariably includes falling asleep during prayer, then keep your eyes open.

ok this is making sense, I guess when you lay me down to sleep, thats not your only prayer of the day, sooo would stand to reason that if you drift off talking to God, He is the last thing on your mind.

As long as thats not the only prayer of the day, its makes sense. Other wise I guess if it was the only prayer how would we feel if our loved one started to talk to us and kept falling asleep :eek: Its not a very nice thing :blush: to do to Him.


I think it’s like falling asleep in the Lord’s arms.:slight_smile:


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