Prayered answered?


I do not want to brag but i hope this will inspire others when you read my question…

a few days after thanksgiving. I got home from work one night and i saw my mother and she looked totally illed and had the flu and then next day she was still feeling like that. well on the way to work i asked God to heal her and that he is only one who can do it. Well i had alot of faith that he will do it. when i arrived home later to see her… it seemed like she was never sick… and i asked her did she take any medication for her sickness and she said " no, it was weird. i didn’t take my medication at all and later on around noon i felt alot better as if i was never sick at all"

is that a prayer answered or something?


Glory to God Who gives us, the dust at His feet, gifts of His Mercy! May He be praised and adored for endless ages! We trample on dust and throw it away, yet the great God bends down from His Throne to speak to us, help us, and save us, and He become like us in order that we who are but dust may become like Him! :slight_smile:


“Let it be done unto you according to your faith” (Matthew 9:29)

Hi “Pink” :wave: I’m so happy to hear your mom is better. I’m always exhilarated, when I hear these accounts of God’s tender loving care for His children.

You faith is beautiful. God bless.


Glad to hear your mom is better.

That definitely sounds to me like a prayer answered! :slight_smile:

Glory to God in the Highest, and peace to His people on Earth!


Your prayer was surely answered. Thanks be to God! and thank you for sharing.

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