Prayers and a favor, please?


Please pray for our school, St. Ann Hamilton, Ohio

The schools in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is having a “School Spirit” contest and the winner will receive a lot of recognition in the local press. It is located on Facebook and you only vote one time per day. You will have to “like” the page in order to vote. Here is the link:

I am currently on the Education Commission at the school my children attend. We (as many other Catholic schools in cities) are facing enrollment decline, so there is a group of parents like myself who are working to get the word out about St. Ann’s school in Hamilton, OH. This is one way we can get some good positive publicity out not only to the Archdiocesan community but the Hamilton/Fairfield area as well. Can you please vote for St. Ann School?

Thank you all for reading this and hanging in there with me. You all are the BEST!!!

God Bless you all.



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