Prayers and Encouragement, Please!


Hello, all.

I am writing some of this down to help me organize my thoughts and my own prayer intentions. I am feeling really stressed and overwhelmed. I am hoping some of you might pray for me and my family?

My husband got an amazing job offer in my hometown about a month ago with a consulting firm. He accepted. The company was willing to pay relocation assistance, a signing bonus, awesome benefits and excellent pay. I flew out to my hometown and decided on where we would live, we scheduled movers, etc. Our lease here in Philadelphia ends July 31st.

We just found out that “the awesome job” fell through. Something about how the company which DH would have been contracted out to lost a major client, and as a result, all contracting consultants assigned to that client, from his firm, have been let go and are now in line to receive new assignments from the firm. But, they are all ahead of DH and now he’s been told that they will most likely not have a senior level position for him between now and the end of July. DH is also bound by a non-compete clause until the end of August, which the firm has very clearly stated DH must adhere to. Meaning we are totally screwed when it comes to looking for a job with all the companies this particular firm contracts out to, given that our lease will end shortly and by that time we will not have a place to live and will need to have either a) moved without a job or b) stayed here in philly and re-signed a lease for another year.

We DESPERATELY want to leave Philly for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is gaining a support system–both family and friends. We also want to start adoption proceedings, and we know we can’t do that now when we are planning on moving. If we don’t move this year, we would try again next year, which make all of our adoption proceedings delayed ANOTHER year.

We are lonely here in Philly. We do have a few friends, but they are busy starting their own families or are much older than us. We do not have family here–DH’s parents live here, but they are poisonous and actually borderline stalkers. (His mother is an unmedicated bi-polar and has a host of other issues.) We have not seen them in going on two years but they continue to send mail, do drive-bys, leave voicemails from endless numbers, emails from constantly new addresses, etc. We were very much looking forward to being left ALONE.

We have a little over 50 days for 1) a miracle to happen and DH gets a new assignment with this firm, 2) decide to move without a job and take the risks that come along 3) stay here in Philly for another year and try again next spring…

Something else weighing very heavily on my mind is my little brother. He left this week for further training before heading out to combat in Iraq. I am especially concerned because he will be in Mortuary Affairs–not his original MOS–but because there is a shortage and a need, they tapped his unit. He is a marine nuclear-biological-chemical specialist. I worry about not just his safety, but the emotional toll it would take on any soldier to recover fallen military personnel, day in and day out. I know it is a duty and an honor to perform that last act of mercy upon the bodies of men and women who have given their lives for our country, but I can’t help my own personal worries for him. He’ll also be doing “regular” duties–convoys, patrols, etc. None of it is safe. Of course, my brother is not the one quaking in fear over this, it’s just me (and my other sisters).

Any prayers or encouragement would be so appreciated. Sorry to complain about this. I am just so stressed and anxious.


Hello Princess Abby,

I’ll say a prayer for you, but remember things happen for a reason. Try to see what it is the God wants from you. I wanted to build a deck and everytime I attempted something happened and after about the third time I told my husband to put it on the back burner we were not meant to have it at this moment. So maybe you can try and look at your options and never never give up hope, because that is what will keep your faith strong and that is when you will be open to God’s plan. So I will say a pray for you and hope that God’s will for you will be done and also for your brother he too will be in my thoughts. Oh by the way I am a philly girl so if you ever get lonely feel free to email me.

God Bless



You, your husband, and your brother are in my prayers. What a difficult and stressful time this must be for you.

A fellow poster gave me this web site on “The Secret of Guidance” when I ask about discerning God’s Will. It is beautiful and I read it almost every day. Perhaps it will help you as well.


You and all your family are in my prayers today.

Regarding adoption, you can get started any time, any where. Perhaps you should find a multi-state agency since you are unsure of your location, but there are plenty of those. You could start with the training requirements, psych eval, etc., and not do the actual home visit part of the home study yet.

I feel your anxiety when I read your post. I know it’s hard to hear “put it in God’s hands”, when He’s not calling you on the phone saying “move” or “don’t move”, but keep praying, God’s will be done.


You’ve got my prayers, Abbey.:slight_smile:


I will put you and your situation on my daily Rosary prayer intentions. The amazing thing is that God already knows where you and your DH will land in His plan for your marriage and family. Though the trials of faith can stress us out. Draw closer to Him during these seemingly uncertain and insecure times. Remember those foot prints in the sand as He does not give you more than you can handle or that He is already prepared to supernaturally give you to carry you through. God bless.


I’ll start a rosary for all of you right now. I understand disappointment and worry. It is not always easy to accept the trials God sends our way. Do your best to pray and let God help you. He will for he always does. God Bless you Abbey.


Thank you all SO much for your prayers and encouragement. I always forget (until I do it) that sometimes simply sharing one’s burdens makes them feel slightly lighter. I am very comforted to know that you lovely people are praying for me and my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My little brother (well, not so little, he’s 24, 6’2 and 180) called me last night and I feel a little better after having spoken to him. He is always so full of jokes and gentle teasing that even when I am practically hyperventillating with worry for him, he manages to tease me out of my mood and lift my spirits. He was very upbeat and positive and told me a little more information about what camp he will be at, what friends he knows there, some of the other soldiers he’s met and will be going with, etc. Information always makes me feel better. :slight_smile:

My DH and I will just take this whole moving dilemma one day at a time and hope that God makes clear His way for us and that we are open enough to accept whatever He desires. I hope we can have peace in the meantime.

Kathleen, thank you for the needed reminder that things happen for a reason! I am trying to be faithful and know that God’s hand is in all of this.

Gianna, thank you for your compassion (as always!) and for the gift of that link! I gave it a quick look and I am very intrigued. I am going to read it in depth later this evening.

Nobody, thank YOU for the information about multi-state agencies. That is not something I had researched much about, but the idea makes a lot of sense and puts my mind at a little more ease. We really want to start our family and the waiting is so difficult.

Annunciata, thanks for the prayers and the smiley face. :slight_smile:

Felra, you always have such calm clarity and unwavering faith in your posts. Thank you for the reminder that He will not ever give us anything more than we can handle. Thank you also for adding me to your rosary intentions.

Fitz, thank you for the prayer offering! So generous. I know that you especially can relate to the worries I have about my brother in combat–given that your daughter is also in the military. I keep her in my prayers, too.


You have my prayers as well. I know what it is like being in that “Ok, what now” position. As someone said, things like this happen for a reason.


God is good and you will be amazed at His awesome providence and what He does for you! My prayers go out for you, your husband, your brother and your in-laws. God is good! Use this time to surrender more deeply to His will! Praise Him!


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